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Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy | Golfing Phone Holder Golf Cart

Phone Caddy

The best phone holder for golf, PERIOD.

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"If you're looking at this, you're probably like me and have tried 1,413 different ways to securely display your phone's golf GPS app on a golf cart. You can stop right here, because this is the one."

"Bought this to try out with little expectation that it would work. Boy was I wrong! I love this thing! I have an iPhone max and it does not fit in any golf cart cup holders —so phone was constantly sliding around in the tiny dash pocket of the cart. Those days are over!"

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy | Golfing Phone Holder Golf Cart

"The best features include the color choice and style, and the ability to customize with a logo of desired. The product is easy to use, affordable, and functions as it should. It is adjustable for any width and height of phone, and has plenty of velcro to strap to most surfaces. There are two rubber pads to keep the caddy from rubbing on the frame, however the caddy will still slide on the frame."

"This little gadget is AWESOME! Just set it to your phones dimensions (width & depth), velcro it around the cart frame and slide it right in. Keeps the phone right at your fingertips and you never have to hunt for it again. Just an outstanding piece of equipment - Well worth the price!"

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